3 X 23 – Looking Ahead

     Sustainable success of any business is largely dependent upon setting manageable goals for the future. That’s why we at G. Fedale have embarked on a three-pronged strategy to grow our company. The conversation started in 2019, with a rollout company-wide beginning in earnest this year. Our strategy, aptly called “3×23”, looks at increased sales revenue; internal growth; and a restructuring of leadership at our Lewes, DE, and North Wales, PA sites – all within a 2023 timeline. 

     Each goal was given thoughtful consideration, and included input from our employees. “It’s all about our people. Even with these ideas, the inspiration and some ideas themselves, have been contributed by our people,” CEO Adam Fedale said.

     In spite of COVID, the company as a whole remained busy, adapting customer service accordingly to include virtual options for estimating and materials selection. Our storm team division, housed in satellite offices in Chadds Ford, PA since mid-2020, kept up pace. Now, back in full swing, we are looking to increase revenue by 50 percent over the next three years. 

     Staffing had been just under 80 at the beginning of the year, it has since increased to just under 90. The goal is to exceed 100, with an aim of creating focused roles for specialized people. Ultimately, it will be our customers who benefit, Adam said. “We want an experience with our construction company that is almost like pushing the Easy button at Staples, with (staff who are) professional, detailed, and able to resolve a problem as professionally as possible,” he said.

     Although we are headquartered in Newport, DE, our ties to Lewes, DE run deep. Our great, great grandfather had a cottage there. And the culture of our company is a good fit with the clientele there. Still, while we have loyal customers in both Lewes and North Wales, PA, our headquarters has been the stronghold when it comes to overall scope, including the level of responsibility coming from upper management. As is often the case with a family-run business, family members tend to wear many hats. Travel to and from our three facilities was a constant, and both locations lacked the on-site leadership our Newport, DE headquarters enjoys.  

     “As we grew, we found it’s not sustainable to run a location from a distance like that. During the first quarter of 2021, we promoted and trained general managers for North Wales and Lewes,” Adam said, adding, these changes are already paying off. “What we’ve seen are massive dividends – from the culture and the team dynamic. If you get that heartbeat right, so many other things fall in place,” Adam said.