Fall Home Maintenance Tips

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G Fedale Fall Home Maintenance

Shorter days, changing trees, and that chill in the air all point to the arrival of Autumn! It might not be time to stow away the patio furniture, but the change in season does make it timely for routine fall maintenance. While groundskeeping tasks like raking leaves can’t be overlooked, preventative structural upkeep is essential prior to winter.

Joe Santucci is a project manager here at G. Fedale Roofing and Siding. Topping his to-do list: water management. From top to bottom, that list includes everything from cleaning gutters to maintaining the landscaping that surrounds the home.

Gutter Maintenance

Fallen leaves and other windblown debris clog gutters and impede their ability to transport water to downspouts. Should the task be put off too long, freezing temperatures will make for a much more difficult, if not impossible, job. Clogged gutters contribute to ice damming in the winter, a situation that can negatively impact fascia by causing it to pull away from the roof of the home. Consider adding gutter guards. While not bulletproof, they do help keep debris out.

Roof and Chimney Maintenance

Clear the roof of fallen branches to prolong the life of roofing shingles. Seasonally and after storms, check for loose or damaged roof shingles and siding. Joe also reminds us not to forget the chimney! Chimney collars prevent water from getting into the attic via the flashing. He adds that customers as of late have been asking about chimney covers or flue caps. The finishing accessory is a good preventative to keeping squirrels and bats at bay.

Window and Door Maintenance

At ground level, look for puddling around the foundation of the home, and make sure the gradation around the home enables good water absorption. Check for rotting window frames: make the necessary repairs or replace the windows to prevent water infiltration into the home’s drywall or basement. Bear in mind that supply-chain shortages industry-wide mean longer wait times for materials. Joe says best to be proactive now, rather than reactive later. Check windows and exterior doors for air infiltration. Add weather stripping where needed to stay warm and dry in the months ahead.

If you do run across any problems with your home this fall, contact G. Fedale to set up an appointment.