Guild Quality/Pella Platinum Service Award

At G. Fedale Roofing & Siding, we are more than just our name. Our portfolio of services extends to gutters, decks, stucco remediation, insulation, doors, and windows. Windows and doors may represent a small percentage of our business, but our high standards and expertise nonetheless have earned accolades in the industry. We were recently awarded the Pella Platinum Service Award for 2020, with a ranking of number one among a grouping of top-ten contractors. 

Using strict criteria and detailed analytics, Guild Quality consultants assisted Pella in vetting the contractor most dedicated to the highest level of commitment to service excellence nationally. The average satisfaction rating among this year’s awardees was 96.54 percent. In order to qualify for the award, Guild Quality and Pella required applicants to submit client satisfaction surveys from at least 30 projects from the previous year. 

Ron August is our trade sales rep at Gunton – Gunton being the largest independent distributor of Pella products in the country. “I think for G. Fedale, their bread and butter is in the repeat customer and doing the job properly. They are constantly making sure the job is standing the test of time,” Ron said. 

A platinum certified installer for five years, we had already established a reputation in the industry prior to the receiving the award. A contractor needs to see $300,000 in sales to earn the platinum designation. The award adds another layer of validation to our company. “The value of the award sets us apart from the guy in a truck type of installer,” said Evan Taylor, a senior project consultant here at G. Fedale. 

From estimating to installation, product kowledge and warranty backing, the certification, and now the award, validates that we’re doing all these things right, Evan said.

Replacing windows, Evan added, is a not a task for the DYI homeowner. Complexities including the type of installation – whether full tear or pocket replacement is required – to the need for precision matchup with existing siding, require an expert. Aside from the obvious expense of materials and product, necessary tools can get expensive. Our Pella platinum certification is the result of our dedication to both Pella product and adherence to installation as per Pella specs. Additionally, we offer a 12-year workmanship warranty, where most contractors offer two years. Past Pella recognition includes the Pella Platinum Contractor Award.