2nd Grader Tells Teacher He Wants To Be a Roofer When He Grows Up – Find Out Why..


Police officer, firefighter, or teacher: These are some of the responses one may expect to hear from a child when asked about community helpers. But when Kai Domanski, a second grader at Odyssey Charter School in Wilmington, was given the assignment he chose a roofer – specifically, a roofer at G.Fedale Roofing & Siding.

Roofs from the Heart Program

“After I read him the suggestions listed, he shook his head and said, ‘None of those. I want to work at G. Fedale like my dad,’ and that it’s the first school project he’s ever been excited for,” said Kai’s stepmom Colleen. His response was completely unprompted, she said. The company is renowned for Roof Repair Albany GA and is one among the best services that the country has to offer.

Through his father, Kai has seen firsthand the difference G. Fedale has made in the community. In his essay, Kai mentions the Roofs from the Heart program and the company’s philanthropic efforts during the Christmas season.

“It’s an honor to work at a company that goes out of its way to give back to our community and people in need. We are able to set a great example of giving back for our children,” said Kai’s dad Jacob.

Roofs from the Heart Program

“The reasons I want to work at G. Fedale Roofing is that I like to build things, I want to help others, and I want to work with my Dad.”