Stucco Remediation

Stucco is an important aesthetic component for many homes. When placed, it looks beautiful, stands out, and adds character to your home. Over time, normal wear and tear can make it a bit harder to maintain that beautiful look. That’s where our stucco remediation services come in.

What Is Stucco Remediation?

It’s rather common for stucco to be used, but stucco problems occur when we combine this unique element on your siding with the area’s weather conditions. Rain does not mix well with stucco. Because stucco is porous, its surface is likely to deteriorate faster than the surfaces of other types of material. If the initial installation did not use proper moisture barriers, such as flashing and weed screens, then this is going to happen, and remediation will become necessary.

Stucco remediation also helps in situations where the craftsmanship was not good, to begin with, or when the product used begins to fail. There are some concerns with expansion joints occurring as well. In all cases, our goal is to fix this. If you have any stucco failures and remediation is your goal – don’t give up the look; give us a call to learn more.

Who Needs Stucco Repair?

At G. Fedale, we recommend that you have a full inspection to determine the condition of your stucco. We will then offer information and support about what can be done to fix it. Our stucco remediation service is designed to provide you with ample understanding of whether we can replace your stucco or repair it. Stucco repair is always customized based on the condition of your property.

What Is the Stucco Remediation Process?

Once we understand what happened and the extent of the stucco repair, we can go to work for you. This generally involves determining if the stucco can simply be repaired or if full remediation is needed.

In stucco repair, our goal is to find damaged areas and either reapply the material or replace it. This is generally done for minor problems related to cosmetic concerns. It is less expensive but typically doesn’t address the underlying problem.

In stucco remediation, on the other hand, we address the underlying problem, which is a much bigger project. This generally involves replacing all the stucco on your home with a new product. We may use other products, too, including fiber cement and vinyl siding.

Do You Need Stucco Help?

G. Fedale has the experience and true craftsmen to handle this type of work. That can make all the difference with a stucco remediation. Call us today if you have any type of stucco problem. We’ll provide a full consultation and estimate to determine what your repair needs are.