Spring Home Maintenance

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Review, refresh, repair! Springtime offers that perfect opportunity to reassess everyday home maintenance and plan ahead for future projects. A home’s exterior can take a beating in the winter. Some damage may be obvious: Missing siding or roof shingles, the result of harsh weather, offer telltale signs of needed repairs. Other issues may be a bit more difficult to detect.

Scott Henning, a senior estimator here at G. Fedale Roofing & Siding, recommends a walk around the perimeter of the property. Move back from the structure itself for optimal observation. Familiarity with the look of the front or back of the house is more typical due to one’s comings and goings via exterior door placement. Still, any of the four sides of the home may have incurred damage, so be thorough.

Aside from siding damage, winter winds may have caused the aluminum capping around windows to loosen, or nails securing that capping to pop out. Aside from shingle damage, make sure that gutters are intact. Ice damming is a common occurrence in the winter, and may have caused gutters to separate from the fascia. The gutters may also benefit from a spring cleaning. Make sure trees aren’t overhanging the roof, as this encourages mold and algae growth. Shrubbery too close to lower windows can cause similar problems.

Inside, check the attic for water stains and likewise, around pipe collars too. Blown-in insulation, albeit beneficial, may camouflage water damage to an attic. It may take a year or two for a pre-existing leak to be detected.

Scott reminds homeowners to check their homeowner’s insurance policies for coverage resulting from winter damage. “We specialize in insurance work. We work with the insurance company and the customer to make sure they get the maximum payment for the damage they have,” he says. He adds, that in some cases, this may be a full replacement if existing materials are now obsolete – as is the case with three-tab shingles, or aluminum siding.