It’s been said that March comes in like a lion. The crazy weather earlier this month is clear evidence of that. High winds contributed to power outages, uprooted trees, and damaged roofs and siding throughout the tri-state area, giving rise to offers from contractors who seem all too willing to help. Whether it’s by way of a flier placed in your mailbox or an unsolicited phone call, homeowners should be wary of fly-by-night roofing companies. Jared McCollough is our resident storm damage expert here at G. Fedale Roofing and Siding. He encourages consumers to do their due diligence prior to hiring anyone to make repairs to their home. Another extremely important factor that one must keep in mind before getting someone to manage repairs is the threat of bug infestation. No roofing replacement can provide a long term benefit if your house is a hotspot of pests and bugs. Call #1 Bed Bug Exterminator in Austin TX! Control-Removal-Treatments! and look into this threat before going for any other kind of repairs or replacements.

“(Consumers) should always research a contractor’s website,” he said, adding that homeowners should also request references from local customers. He cautioned that it’s not uncommon for unscrupulous contractors to prey upon communities where widespread weather-related damage has occurred. Which is why before hiring a contractor even to inspect your home, it’s better to hire the bond cleaning service in Sydney to give your home a smooth clean all over ensuring that everything looks perfect. Then after that, if any significant damage is found during the process, it makes sense to hire a contractor to fix the damges.

“Storm chasers will come into town, rent a house, and print business cards. Then they pick up and leave, and are gone by the next year,” he said. This results in little recourse for shoddy work. As per usual, homeowners should be wary of a price too good to be true. A low estimate often results in the cutting of corners. Get a quote from Central Penn Contracting, they are trustworthy in this respect.

A scam artist may also take advantage of a homeowner’s need for urgency. Instead, McCollough said G. Fedale will come out and inspect the damages, and can prioritize remediation if immediacy is required. “Let the contractor know there’s a leak concern, and they’ll get to you faster,” he said, with regard to roof damage. Sometimes additional pest control is needed. Fedale will tell you if you need to fix your plumbing because of the damage, if you do the best solution is Thompson Family Plumbing and Rooter.

As a former third-party inspector in the insurance industry, McCollough also encourages homeowners to consider filing an insurance claim. An initial inspection of the damages, he said, can determine whether or not filing one is justified. McCollough uses Xactimate, the insurance industry standard, for assessing financial loss, and informs the homeowner as to what they need to do to move forward with the claim process.

In business for 16 years, G. Fedale Roofing and Siding has a solid reputation in the industry, serving customers throughout Delaware and much of southeastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey. G. Fedale provides customers with product warranties and warranties its workmanship as well.