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Tesla Solar Roof Installer In Delaware and Pennsylvania

G. Fedale – Certified TESLA Roof Installer

If it’s time for a new roof, a Tesla Solar Roof provides the perfect solution for homeowners who want to go solar at a lower investment point. Installed just over your existing traditional roof, a Tesla Solar Roof provides dense energy production and a sleek all-black design. Now you can access solar power AND have a beautiful roof! Tesla’s Solar Roof brings you energy savings and the visual appeal of a modern-looking roof.

TESLA Solar Roof Benefits

  • Collect solar power with a gorgeous looking roof
  • Store backup power to use at night or after a storm
  • Save money on energy
  • Lower carbon footprint
  • Sustainable, durable and reliable power
  • Maximized production and efficiency
  • Sleek, modern all-black design
  • Never worry about your power going out thanks to your Tesla Solar Roof and Powerwall
G. Fedale Tesla Solar Roof Installation

G. Fedale Hand-Selected By TESLA

Tesla cares about the quality of your roof. Only an Authorized Installer can purchase and install Tesla roofs. G. Fedale is proud to be an authorized Tesla installer for Tesla Solar Roof and Tesla Powerwalls.

As a leader in home improvement for more than 20 years, G. Fedale has been hand-selected based on our superior attention to detail and craftsmanship, to be a TESLA ENERGY Certified Installer. Our goal is to exceed your expectations with our beautiful, steadfast, and efficient solar roofs.

G. Fedale Tesla Energy Certified Installer

Our Tesla roof installers exercise extensive attention to detail and commitment to quality as our traditional roof installers. Using a unique superior installation method, we assure that you will enjoy reliable solar production for years to come. Our Tesla-Certified Designers assure that the system designed for you meets your needs and provides you the greatest return on investment.

What Tesla Solar Roofs Look Like

The Tesla Solar Roof is a clean, modern roof designed for the future. Hail resistance, and high wind uplift approval, making it a good choice for your roof. Tesla brings their same sensitivity to minimal visual impact to their solar roof systems with rail-less mounting, all-black panels, and available black skirting.

One Beautifully Powerful Roof

  • Uncompromising Aesthetics with Architectural Sensitivity
  • Most Technologically Advanced Roof System Available
  • Attractive, Durable, and Reliable

Tesla’s Solar Roofing system ends the compromise between aesthetics and renewables. Now the solar IS the roof, with no visual difference between solar and non-solar portions of the roof. Solar roof tiles blend seamlessly with non-solar tiles, providing a cohesive appearance for your home. Whether required by your discerning taste or a strict homeowner association, Tesla Solar Roofs meet your high aesthetic standards.

Maximize your profitability with a low-profile Tesla Solar Roof and schedule your free estimate today.