Trending Window Designs in 2022

Windows have become a more integral element of home design in recent years. Acknowledging that trend, we’ve seen manufacturers and designers come up with more exciting ideas for those home fixtures. In this article, we’ll discuss the standout window design trends of 2022. We’ll also touch on the more distinctive elements of each design so you can decide if it makes sense for your household.

Floor-to-Ceiling Windows Are More Popular Than Ever

First on the list of window design trends we want to discuss is related to the size of those fixtures. These days, we’re seeing homeowners go all out with their windows. This means these floor-to-ceiling windows take up entire walls in some cases. The popularity of this trend is not solely about style. Although the eye-catching appearance of a floor-to-ceiling window is certainly a selling point, many more homeowners have gone with this option because of its additional benefits. Homeowners love these oversized windows because they bring in plenty of natural light. Thanks to these trendy fixtures, you can keep your lights off until the evening.

Black and White Windows Are In

Many new windows today feature a rather simple color scheme. To be more specific, the black and white color combo for windows has proven to be a hit with many homeowners. So, why has that color combination become so popular? According to Spruce Magazine, the rise of the modern farmhouse look greatly diversified the number of available window design options available in 2022. The popularity of the black-and-white color combination is a byproduct of that trend. We’re even seeing the aforementioned color combo used in different design schemes, transcending the modern farmhouse look.

Getting Creative With Glass Options

One more trend we want to touch on is related to the glass used within windows. We’re seeing homeowners do more with the glass in their windows than we have in years past. Frosted glass has long been a popular option because it offers privacy, but we’re also seeing other types of glass being installed. Patterned and textured glass options are among those that emerged in 2022 and they look to have considerable stability against breakage. Completely transform your windows by changing the glass you have installed.

The year 2022 brought some terrific window design ideas to the table. Consider integrating those ideas into your window replacement plans if you wish to experiment with something new. Give us a call today to see how we can help you spruce up the look of your home!