What to Look For in a Quality Roofing Contractor

guys installing metal roof on home

Whether you are a new homeowner, a builder, or someone looking to spruce up their existing home, it’s important to choose the right roofing company. This decision can be made easier if you know what qualities to look for in a roofing contractor. Our team at G. Fedale is here to give you a clear and concise list of the essential qualifications every roofing company should possess.


It’s a good practice with any type of construction contractor to get everything in writing. This includes materials, payment agreements, labor, and insurance. A tangible, documented quote also helps build communication between the customer and the contractor to avoid misconceptions.

References and Reviews

If you’re working with a single contractor, checking their references can save you a lot of time and heartache. It’s a good idea to go online and look at reviews and ratings from satisfied customers. This may give you the chance to see pictures of their work and set realistic expectations based on the experiences of others.

Physical Presence

While it’s normal for these processes to start over the phone, it’s always wise to meet the roofing contractors in person prior to the job starting. You want to feel comfortable with the team that will be working on your home. An in-person meeting is a crucial step in this process.

More Than a Price

Financing a roof is no small feat, and it can be tempting to choose the cheapest option after receiving a quote. That being said, price and quality aren’t mutually exclusive when it comes to having work done on your roof. Do your research on the average cost of roof repair based on the material being used, the size of your roof, and other factors such as prior tear-off.

License and Insurance

Don’t be afraid to ask questions about licensing and insurance when reaching out to a roofing company. Insurance and proper licenses are imperative to ensure you are covered in the event of an accident. Ask about liability insurance and workers’ compensation coverage from the roofers you hire.

According to Roof Advisor, the average asphalt roof should be replaced every 15 to 30 years. If you are in need of this repair, it is better to schedule it sooner rather than later to prevent leaking and other costly damage to your home. If you want reliable work you can trust, give our team at G. Fedale a call today to schedule an estimate!