Benefits of Commercial Roof Coatings

G. Fedale Commercial Roof Coatings

Buy Some Time

It matters not if your roof is a modified bitumen style, EDPM, or TPO. Repairable commercial roofing systems, just like their residential counterparts, benefit greatly with the application of a coating. “If the roof is in repairable condition, using a 10-year silicone system will buy you another 10 years before the roof needs to be replaced,” says Pete McManus, a commercial project consultant here at G. Fedale Roofing and Siding. Pete adds that a second application down the road may also be possible, increasing the roof’s longevity further still.

Pocket Some Cash!

Coating is a fraction of the cost of full replacement and, as such, it’s best not to wait long if there are telltale signs of roof failure, like indoor leaks. Additionally, as R-value codes have been upgraded in recent years, with R-30 now the requirement in the northeast, a full-tear replacement would likely require a bump up in insulation, further adding to the cost of replacement.  

Hire a Pro

This is not a DIY job! The coating process requires a professional contractor and entails an industrial-strength application of two coats – a white top coat is applied on top of a gray base coat. The light-reflective silicone application is especially beneficial for older, black EDPM roofing systems. The absorbent nature of that black roof has made for less energy-efficient interior conditions in your building during the summer.  

Age Matters

Roof history, including disclosures or records are often obtainable amidst a home sale. But commercial roofs often present a guessing game when the building changes hands, or should a new, but non-local, property management company step in. While a professionally installed roof should last a good 20 years, factors like age or condition may be an unknown. G. Fedale will come out and do a thorough inspection. We’ll determine if buying time by adding a silicone coat is feasible. Our roof inspection would also determine if the existing roof has exceeded the number of recommended roofing layers.