G. Fedale Employees 2022

About Us

G. Fedale provides comprehensive services to help our clients improve their homes from top to bottom. We are committed to helping each family enjoy a higher quality of life in a safe, secure, and beautiful home. To achieve this, we use well-trained professionals committed to providing superior workmanship and ensuring an exceptional customer experience on every project. 

Our Story

G. Fedale has been a leader in home improvement for over 20 years. It all started when Glenn Fedale used his knowledge, skills, and faith to start his own business. Through those humble beginnings years ago, which often involved long days of hard work, he built a successful company. Glenn knew that one day his dedication to his clients would fulfill his dream of owning a successful business. With the support of his wife Laura, the business grew from just a few employees to a multi-million-dollar company. We celebrate the thousands of satisfied customers we’ve had throughout the years. 

G. Fedale Company Photo

We’re Committed to Safety 

Our full-time employees are experienced, well-trained professionals. All employees are up to date on OSHA compliance training. That means they know how to do their job safely and to the highest standards in the industry. 

Competitively Priced Roofing Is Always Our Goal 

With our dedication to superior workmanship and years of experience, we’ve built strong relationships with national and local distributors and manufacturers. This ensures that G. Fedale can always offer you the most competitive price on your roofing project. We also ensure that you have access to the best warranties available, allowing you to count on your roof for years to come. 

Proud Partners in the Community

G. Fedale Roofing and Siding proudly aligns itself with the business communities it serves by actively participating in multiple chambers of commerce. Demonstrating a strong commitment to local engagement, the company is a valued member of several chambers, fostering collaborative relationships and contributing to the economic vitality of the regions it operates in. This involvement underscores our dedication to not only delivering high-quality roofing and siding services but also being an integral part of the local business networks and communities it serves.