Installation of a Full-Frame Replacement Window

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A full-frame replacement window replaces the existing window. The project includes removing the old window hardware plus frames, casings, brick, and jam extensions. It’s as if you’re building it from new. This article describes the process and highlights the advantages of full-frame window replacement.

There are a few reasons you can choose full-frame window replacement over retrofit, including resolving all window issues that you’re experiencing and to use new window technologies.


Typically, a complete window replacement costs more than a retrofit. You’ll pay more for the labor costs and extra replacement window materials.

Finding a Contractor

To get the right professional for the project, you can ask for friend contractor reviews or search online for window replacement services. The contractor fee and the replacement windows materials they prefer using should guide your search. Remember, quality is paramount in construction. Don’t select the cheapest builder who can’t produce quality work.

Hiring a local contractor will help in case of future window repairs. Also, the contractor understands the weather conditions of your region and state regulations for buildings.


When purchasing replacement windows supplies, shop at different stores to get the best prices. Online stores can be a good place for comparing prices on numerous stores’ websites. Also, you can do some footwork by visiting nearby stores. Transportation costs can be lower if you buy the replacement windows materials near your home.

If you’re not sure of the replacement windows materials, you can seek advice from designers, installers, builders, or contractors. The professional will also give suggestions to hardware stores selling the materials at affordable prices. You can use a number of contractors to secure a percentage off at hardware stores. But you have to ask for contractors’ permission.

Once you have the replacement windows materials, window installers can do the required work. You can allow the contractor to supervise the project, or you can manage yourself. Managing the task yourself can be fulfilling. But if the project involves multiple windows, it will be time-consuming. Also, you may not possess the required expertise.


A complete frame window replacement can help deal with extreme heat and cooling conditions. Remember that windows control up to 25% to 30% heat gain or loss for your home.

Budget your complete frame replacement windows supplies and get an installer to do the work. The results are worth the investment. Contact us today to get started!