Chimney Rebuilds

Custom Chimney Cap

There are many different types of chimney repairs and rebuilds also known as chimney reconstruction, brick chimney repairs, fireplace chimney repairs, partial chimney rebuild, masonry chimney repair, roof line up chimney rebuilds, or total chimney rebuilds according to the Rooftop Chimney And Roof services.

Commonly needed chimney rebuild services are listed below. Most homeowners don’t know they need these services until it is too late. Its important to inspect your chimney bi-annually, so you can prevent a costly repair job in the future.

Partial Chimney rebuilds: Smaller chimneys or a large chimney needing a few top courses rebuilt. If the bricks are in good condition they can be re-used. New mortar is mixed and installed. Partial chimney rebuilds usually include a new mortar cap or “chimney crown”.

Roof line up chimney rebuilds: The chimney’s exterior condition is past the point of restoration so it needs to be safely knocked down to the chimney flashing area near the roof-line. Roof flashing’s are redone and the rebuild commences all the way up to the mortar cap or “chimney crown”.

Complete chimney rebuilds: In this case the entire chimney has been compromised all the way into the attic of the structure. Safely remove the chimney all the way into the attic making sure that roofing materials are properly protected. Rebuild chimney from the interior attic up to the new mortar cap or “chimney crown”. New roof flashing’s installed as well.

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