Spring Home Maintenance Guide

Spring has finally sprung! For most of us, that means spring cleaning, yardwork, and general home maintenance. But where to start? While cleaning and yardwork are important, structural upkeep is a priority for the overall health of any home. Begin by looking up from the inside, and around from the outside. And then, look forward. 

“One thing I always say, and it seems to be common sense, look at your ceiling! If you’re seeing watermarks, it’s a sign of a roof issue,” says Jake Domanski, a sales manager here at G. Fedale

Next, take a walk outside and look around the house. Look for missing shingles or loose siding. If you have wood siding, check for signs of rot. For vinyl siding, make sure it’s all intact. Regardless, after a long winter vinyl siding can appear dingey or dirty. “It’s amazing what a power wash will do for vinyl siding,” Jake says.

Gutters that may have been overlooked in the fall may now be packed with debris – this will significantly compromise their effectiveness with spring rains. In addition to debris, ice damming during the winter may have caused gutter damage. Check to assure that gutters have not pulled away from the fascia of the roof. 

Spring pruning is not just a means of controlling overgrowth of shrubs and other foliage. Maintenance is essential for structural upkeep as well. Foliage too close to wood siding or stucco can create moisture issues, mold, and rot. Tree limbs that extend over a roof may also pose problems. 

While a general assessment is a task most homeowners can tackle, some jobs are best left to a professional. In addition to major repair and replacement projects, we offer several tune-up services at a reasonable cost. Gutter-cleaning, up to 100-linear feet; securing of loose siding; assessing a flat roof (typically difficult to see from the ground); and replacing a shingle or two of a standard asphalt roof are just some of the things included in our tune-ups. 

Preventative maintenance is not just important for the health of your home, but for the comfort it provides. It’s not too soon to think ahead to summer: make sure your HVAC system is functioning properly. Upgrades to the insulation in your home improve energy efficiency during the cooling months as well as in winter. Best to make sure your AC is working properly in April than to wait until a hot summer day!