The Benefits Of Installing New Windows

While perhaps not at the very top of a best R.O.I. list, window replacement nonetheless is a worthy project whether you’re selling your home in time or planning to stay in it for a long time. Energy efficiency is a primary benefit when it comes to cost savings and comfort, and up to a 30% reduction in energy loss may be realized by replacing older windows.

Options abound for replacement windows, with styles available in fiberglass, wood, or vinyl, although the latter choice remains the most popular. Aluminum clad on the outside, but wood on the inside lend the best of both worlds to an older or historic home. Noise reduction, ease of cleaning, durability, structural integrity, and aesthetics round out the list of adding windows to any long-range home improvement plan.

While the benefits of new windows are readily realized, the flip side, of course, is a continuing deterioration if the task at hand is placed on a back burner. Moisture issues aren’t just a problem for older homes with old-school windows. While wooden windows may seem to be the most vulnerable with regard to water infiltration, older vinyl replacement windows or poorly installed vinyl windows may also pose problems. Rot and mold – some visible, some trapped behind walls and sheetrock, are the by-products.

A foggy window is a telltale sign that the integrity of the window is compromised, says Dave Kibler, G. Fedale windows and doors specialist. While vinyl replacement windows come in double and triple-paned styles, the benefits of the additional glass will not be realized if the window seal is compromised. “If there’s seal failure, the windows may be leaking argon gas,” says Dave, referring to the gas that’s installed between panes. Argon gas prevents temperature extremes between the exterior and interior of the home.

Both quality of product and expertise of the installer play a significant role in longevity and durability. At G. Fedale, our window and door products come from a leader in the industry: Pella, and our team has earned the Pella Platinum Contractor designation. As such, G. Fedale’s warranty, coupled with that of Pella ensures not only the process, but the durability of the window too. Our workmanship warranty of 12 years is above and beyond the standard two-year offering. This extension is in addition to Pella’s 20-year warranty on vinyl and 10-year warranty on the glass.