The Importance of Getting Your Roof Inspected

G. Fedale Roof Inspection

Preservation of the structural components of your home is essential to the health of your home. When it comes to roofs, we at G. Fedale Roofing & Siding recommend a thorough inspection every three-to-five years if the roof isn’t old, and every year or two if the roof was installed over 15 years ago.

The View From Above

A roof inspection is an important identifier of current problems, but it also helps you plan ahead financially for your next installation project. While drone technology has enabled a bird’s eye view, a thorough roof inspection entails a professional climb to the top of the roof – as long as it’s safe to do so. An attic check provides telltale signs of roof leakage, either past or present. Senior Project Consultant Brad Houston reminds us that water stains on an upper ceiling could be indicative of a leak that is years old.

Inspection Revelations

What do we look for when inspecting a roof? A G. Fedale roof inspection covers a range of both materials and workmanship and assesses deterioration according to the age of the roof. Specifically, what materials were used? Are there starter shingles? If the shingles are architectural, was the required stagger of 11 and 17 inches used? A misalignment could cause premature failure. How is the flashing, and what about the pipe collar or boot? At about 20 years, boots tend to dry rot due to sun exposure. A subpar installer may simply caulk around the chimney flashing, but that caulk will shrink over time.

What’s On Top Is Only As Good As What’s Underneath

Issues that may arise are typically less a result of the materials used – that is, if the roof is still within its expected lifespan – and more a result of the workmanship. The lifespan is largely based on sturdier composition and what’s underneath the shingles.

At G. Fedale, we install an ice/water shield and a synthetic underlayment, making for a 100% waterproof roof. Likewise, nail pops, once an entry point for water, are no longer a vulnerability. A roof inspection can help determine the integrity of these various components.

If you’re ready to get your roof inspection underway, contact us for an estimate today.