“Breaking The Mold: Change My Thinking and Change My Future” with Mr. Robert Jones and Mr. Glenn Fedale

On Tuesday April 3rd Mr. Robert Jones and his friend Mr. Glenn Fedale spoke to the residents of Ferris School on the topic: “Breaking The Mold: Change My Thinking and Change My Future.” Both men are former residents of Ferris School, and today are successful business owners. Mr. Jones is president of Bright Side Roofing and Siding and Mr. Fedale is the president of G. Fedale and a Managing Partner of “BumpBoxx: Urban Audio”.

robert jonesMr. Jones spoke about his childhood and the lack of connection with family that he felt growing up. He stated that lacking the needed guidance and boundaries, he followed the wrong path and started getting in trouble with the Law very early. He was in Stevenson House and Ferris School, and later he was arrested, charged and went to prison. He told the young men that he came to a point he decided that he wanted to change the direction he was headed and accomplish something for himself.

Mr. Jones told the students how he prepared and presented himself for an interview and got the job. From there he started working hard, then he started a business that became successful and then failed, but he did not give up. He continued to work hard learning a trade and starting another business which became very successful.

glenn fedaleMr. Fedale spoke about his childhood, the difficulties and the challenges that he faced. He told the young men about the times when he was arrested and went to prison. He stated that he decided that he wanted to accomplish something for himself for which he would have no regrets. He said he tried many things such as school and other trades, but soon realized that those were not for him. He got a job working with a Flat Roof Repair company and started to learn the trade. He liked the work and learned the trade fast. He later started his own business and became very successful.

Both men challenged the young to find something that they enjoy doing, whether it is some skill that they are good at, completing some studies, learning a new trade or skill. They told the students that they have to make the decision to change their way of thinking and therefore change future.

The students enjoyed the program immensely and flooded the two men with questions, which they graciously answered.