Can Exterior Home Improvements Be Done in the Winter?

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G. Fedale Roofing During the Winter

No, that’s not Santa and his reindeer making an early rooftop appearance, but it could be our team of merry roofers. Yes, G. Fedale Roofing and Siding does work in the winter! We work year-round and are able to complete many exterior home improvement projects regardless of colder temperatures.  


“Anything non-flat pretty much can be done throughout the winter. This would include asphalt-shingle roofs if the temperatures are in the low 30s and rising, and any temperature for metal, slate, or cedar roofs,” says G. Fedale Production Manager Jesse Feasel. A steeper roof pitch is not a deterrent, however, flat roofs, such as EDPM or TPO, require slightly warmer temperatures because of the adherence process. Here, we follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to assure the integrity of the glue.  

While the colder conditions do allow for roof repair or replacement, safety issues remain a constant and could delay completion or daily start times. We keep an eye on the weather realizing an early morning frost may compromise the safety of our crew, as will freezing rain or snow. With darkness occurring earlier, our workday, likewise, is shortened.  


With vinyl siding installation, the key concern is proper spacing. As vinyl will expand and contract based on climatic changes, it’s important to assure the spacing will allow for expansion in the warmer months in order to prevent cracking. Vinyl siding can be installed in temperatures below 30° Fahrenheit, while James Hardie fiber cement siding is not negatively impacted by colder temperatures.  

Windows and Doors 

As window installation is done one at a time, the home’s ambient temperature shouldn’t be an issue. Here again, following manufacturer’s recommendations is key, with keen attention paid to the flashing tape used.  


Generally, it’s best to wait until warmer weather for an exterior painting job. Instead, heat up some cocoa, put on your favorite holiday music, and paint to your heart’s content, but inside!