Fall Maintenance To-Do List

Shorter days and cooler nights are upon us with autumn’s arrival. And while temperatures are still fairly mild, it’s the perfect time to look outward before moving indoors. Seasonal exterior maintenance helps prevent expensive repairs down the road and promotes safety. We at G. Fedale Roofing & Siding have compiled the following to-do list to better assure both.

1. Ground Level Inspection

Walk around your house and do a ground-level inspection of your roof and siding for leak prevention. Flat roofs with a single-ply membrane offer the greatest potential for leaks.

2. Clean Gutters

Clean your gutters. Regular cleaning prevents garden-bed washout and ice damming during colder months. For some homeowners, this task can be a DYI, but professional services are recommended depending on gutter height. Should you choose to tackle the job yourself, prioritize safety. Make sure your ladder is sturdy, stable and on level ground, and that its height exceeds that of the gutter. When in doubt, give G. Fedale a call to schedule an appointment.

3. Search For Air Leaks

Seal air leaks by caulking windows and around other openings. Add insulation where needed. Consider replacing the front door. “Doors offer the highest retention for investment, and will keep your home warmer inside,” said Service and Warranty Director Chad Kazaba.

4. Maintain Your Yard and Property

Continue to maintain your yard. Watch for trees that may be growing near and above your home and have them trimmed in order to prevent downed branches during winter storms.

Turn your outside water off, cover your air conditioner unit, and remember to change your furnace filter. The latter task should be done every 30-90 days Kazaba said.

5. Hire Local

Be wary of fly-by-night solicitations from out-of-area contractors and hire local companies instead. The job at hand may be the first and last time you’ll see them, Kazaba said. Workmanship warranties may be compromised if the contractor is based on the other side of the country. A local company will have greater immediacy and responsibility should there be a problem or installation concern.

6. Other Safety Precautions

Regarding safety, visually inspect electrical sources coming into the home to assure that lines that run along the exterior of the house are secure. Call an electrician should anything appear questionable. Periodic chimney inspection goes hand-in-hand with a roof assessment. Clearing and cleaning of the flue pipe whether you have a fireplace or a woodburning stove are important fire preventatives. And don’t forget to change those smoke detector batteries when you turn your clocks back!