G. Fedale Accomplishments – 2020

Companies, large and small, experienced a sink or swim kind of year in 2020, thanks largely to the COVID-19 pandemic. We at G. Fedale Roofing and Siding can proudly say it was a year of accomplishments for us. From awards and recognitions to workforce expansion and large-scale projects, we finished 2020 strong and ready to take on a new year. 

Most immediate to our success was the ability to quickly adapt to contact-free services – services that were seamlessly implemented and assured continued confidence from our customers. Zoom meetings, drone flyovers, and increased phone consultations all augmented our communication practices.

“It challenged the way we sell,” said Jason Domanski, general manager for Pennsylvania-based projects, referring to previously typical face-to-face meetings with customers. “We pivoted very quickly – thanks to the leadership of the company, we got on it that quickly,” he added. 

As a Delaware headquartered company that now services four states, we also had to respond to the various and ever-changing protocols set forth by the governors of each of those states. Those mandates, coupled with material shortages due to the pandemic could have spelled disaster. Timely communication with customers prevented project cancellations. 

“People were more understanding (as we needed to) push projects out farther, as long as we were upfront with them,” Domanski said, adding, G. Fedale was able, through its leadership, to make decisions to set us up for success. We found creative ways to get the customer what they needed and expected. This is a testament to the culture of the company.” 

“I only had one cancellation because of materials,” said Joey Gordon, formerly a senior project manager, but recently promoted to production manager. 

Domanski too, was surprised at the uptick in work. “I had a record December. It slowed, but not like I thought it would,” he said. Among the large-scale projects he oversaw: A 400k job involving 10 buildings at Willistown Hunt in Newtown Square in PA and a 170k flat-roof project for Sharples Works Apartments in West Chester, PA. Gordon, likewise, managed at least three to four residential projects requiring everything from roofing and siding to gutters and insulation. 

Internally, success came by way of workforce growth and promotions. “There were no layoffs, which is amazing in itself,” Gordon said. Among the roughly dozen recent hires are a new marketing manager and a social-media brand ambassador. 

Long recognized by industry leaders and its loyal customer base, G. Fedale continued to rack up the accolades last year as well. We were nominated as one of the top workplaces in 2020 in the News Journal, and were awarded GAF’s Prestigious Presidents Club Award.