G. Fedale GAF Timberline Solar Shingle Install in Dresher, PA

GAF Solar Shingle Installer in Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland

Solar shingles are more than just a trendy addition to your home. They can be an affordable, accessible way to reduce your energy costs. At G. Fedale, we offer solutions perfect for your home.

Why Invest in GAF Timberline Solar Shingles?

GAF Energy Solar Certified Installer Badge for G. Fedale Roofing and Siding

GAF Timberline Solar systems lead the way in green home energy by offering the world’s first nailable solar shingle as part of their signature home solar system. These shingles are durable and visually appealing, with the ability to be fully supported by any roof and blend with many roof colors and shades. Our shingles are fully backed by a rock-solid manufacturer’s warranty and can provide the same power savings as a traditional solar panel. Our solar shingles are waterproof, weatherproof, and built to last for decades, so you won’t have to worry about maintenance or upkeep costs.

Benefits of GAF Timberline Solar Shingles: 

This innovative technology provides some of the best returns on your investment by offering:  

  • Low profile reliable green energy for your home 
  • All-In-One Warranty that covers both the solar and roofing materials 
  • A sleeker alternative to solar panels 
  • Durability against weathering and moisture you can count on 
  • Systems end up paying for themselves over time in the amount of energy you save

Give your home a stylish and effective energy boost by contacting us now for a free estimate.