Glenn Fedale Encourages Youth at Ferris School In Wilmington

Giving back to our community doesn’t always involve physical labor like free roof replacement. Sometimes, all it takes is our encouragement. This was evidenced by a visit earlier this spring to the Ferris School in Wilmington by Glenn Fedale Jr., president and owner of G. Fedale Roofing and Siding. Glenn spoke to a group of 60 teens housed at the detention center, sharing with them how he went from working as a roofer to owning his own business in just a handful of years. He was even featured on CNBC’s Blue Collar Millionaire program. This was Glenn’s third invitation to share his experience with Ferris School detainees.

“My encouragement was simple, and I told them that they create their own future. If you really want something, it’s important that you work harder, stronger and smarter than anyone else,” he said, adding that proving one’s dedication early on is important if the goal is to take the place of managers or overseers someday.

Speaking from personal experience, Glenn also reflected upon the situations that have hindered his own progress, and offered pointers on how to avoid mistakes these teens may make.

Glenn’s visit was greatly appreciated by both the young men housed at Ferris and its staff.

“Thank you so much for coming to Ferris School and speaking to the young men. They were so impressed and encouraged by your presentation. … Thanks again for all you do to positively affect the lives of young people, “ wrote Glenroy Powell, volunteer services coordinator and chaplain for the Ferris School and Stevenson House Detention Center.

Glenn has agreed to speak again to Ferris School detainees as well as to those housed at the New Castle Detention Center in Wilmington and the Stevenson House in Milford.