HAAG Certification

Continuing education, whether required for licensure or simply as a means of staying current, is worth more than its weight in gold. Coursework benefits not just the enrollee, but trickles down to our customers as well. At G. Fedale, we value these efforts in our employees and are proud to acknowledge the number of estimators who have taken the initiative by acquiring HAAG certification. 

The HAAG company was founded nearly 100 years ago in Dallas, Texas by Walter Haag. It originally served as a forensic engineering firm. Today, HAAG has grown to include myriad divisions from geotechnical consulting to construction consulting. It is versed in services ranging from testing to R&D. Beyond these and other services, the now international corporation is a recognized leader in educational certification. 

Jared McCollough, one of our estimators and a training manager, recently renewed his certification. His original certification was achieved 12 years ago in ladder-assist, while working as an estimator for an insurance company. The task is one that insurance companies will often sub-contract out if inspections are required on steep-pitch roofs. While renewal is achievable every two years, HAAG requires certificate holders to retake the complete multi-day course every five years. Jared’s been re-certified twice. Additionally, HAAG’s Certified Inspector Residential Roofs program has a prerequisite of having already inspected 100 residential roofs. The program, said Jared, is comprehensive. 

As is the case with many components required in construction projects, material advancements and installation technology is everchanging. Keeping current on the ways in which those aspects are impacted by wear and weather is crucial. 

“Forty or 50 years ago, it was all about the laminate – how thick it was. Nowadays, it’s about how the components are fastened to the roof,” he said, adding that newer shingles have since replaced discontinued ones due to defects. Inspection methods have also changed – the use of drones facilitates a bird’s-eye view of the roof and augments physical inspection.

“I’ve been inspecting roofs around the country for 15 years. (I’m always) running into situations and new damage due to storms or materials used today more than I’ve ever seen before,” Jared said, adding, that learning is a constant. “The better we understand, the better we are able to work with customers and insurance companies.”

To that end, Jared said including G. Fedale in a damage claim is especially beneficial. Insurance companies will often recommend replacement of what was in the home prior to damage, regardless of whether or not newer technologies or preventative measures may be in the homeowner’s best interest. Recommending newer roofing systems or adding ice and water shields are just a few of the examples. In these cases, G. Fedale can provide a supplement to the claim. 

“I like to brag that a lot of adjusters in this area recommend that customers call us because they know we handle (inspections) professionally and with integrity,” he said.