Make Your Roof Last Longer With Regular Maintenance

The roof is the one part of our home that takes quite a beating from the harshest elements day in and day out. While roofs are designed to last, the time will come when you have to replace it eventually. However, you can delay that for years with proper maintenance.

Some roofing maintenance work can be done the DIY way, while others may require the expertise of a roofer with the right roofing insurance coverage, just like the ones we have here at G. Fedale. Let’s take a look at some of the top ways to maintain your roof and make it last longer.

Check Your Shingles Regularly

A bi-annual check on your shingles should help you see whether any of them are missing, cracked, or broken, especially after a period of severe weather. While you can always use a ladder to get to the roof, it’s still best (and safest) to just do it from the ground using binoculars. You can also use a drone, if you have one, to see the state of your shingles up close. If your inspection shows damage, then it’s time to call us at G. Fedale to fix it.

Clean The Gutters Regularly

Periodic cleaning of your gutters will ensure that leaves, branches, and other types of debris will not cause rainwater to back up and damage the fascia boards, attic, and other living spaces.

Doing it at least twice a year, especially before a storm, should be good enough.

Trim The Trees

Your trees are giving your home plenty of shade, but if they’re a bit close to the house, some of their branches—some big ones—could fall on your roof and cause damage.

So if your trees have large branches hanging directly over your roof, make sure you cut them off before more severe weather sets in.

Get Rid of Algae

Do you see long, dark streaks on your roof? That’s algae growth, and it doesn’t just make your roof look dirty. It can also cause your shingles to rot in the long run.

Washing your roof using a 50 percent mix of water and bleach should kill the algae. To ensure the algae won’t make a comeback, install copper strips at the top of your roof. Rain will send copper molecules cascading down and killing algae on its path.

Fix Small Leaks Right Away

Whatever you do, don’t ignore roof leaks, no matter how small they are. Small leaks will always get bigger if you don’t address them right away. Contact us at G. Fedale to plug any leak as soon as you notice signs like water spots on your ceiling or walls.

Professional Roof Inspections

There’s still no better way of checking the status of your roof than to get professional roofing contractors like the G. Fedale team to do it. Aside from being the much safer option, we at G. Fedale will also be able to spot things you will probably miss if you did the checking yourself.

By having us inspect your roof twice a year,  you would be able to discover and nip any problems in the bud. That way, roofing issues won’t become bad enough to require more expensive repairs or force an earlier-than-expected replacement. With the level of protection that your roof provides for you and your family, it’s only right that you give it a good chunk of your attention, even when things seem all right. With regular maintenance, you’ll have a perfectly-working roof over your heads for years to come.