Summer Home Maintenance

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Man installing gutter installation. G. Fedale are professionals at gutter installation

The spring cleaning may be complete, but there’s still work to be done before those vacation plans get underway. Sudden thunderstorms are common occurrences during the summer months. Staying on top of summer home maintenance ensures that your home remains damage-free while you’re enjoying that R&R on the beach.


Gutter cleaning isn’t only important in the late fall to prevent ice damming in the winter, but in the spring or summer as well. Clogged gutters compromise their effectiveness, allowing water to enter the home or causing the fascia to pull away from the roof. Gutter guards offer the perfect solution by minimizing the accumulation of debris. Rainwater still flows freely to the gutters below, allowing debris to dry in the sun to be later blown away by the wind.

There are several types of gutter guards, says Dave Kibler, a project consultant here at G. Fedale. He adds the decision rests upon what type of foliage you have surrounding your home. Helicopters, those nuisance seeds that fall from maple trees, may require one type of guard, while pine needle droppings may do better with a gutter helmeting system. While gutter guards have been around for a decade or more, the materials used have improved. Today’s composition often comes with a no-clog guarantee. Give us a call if you need replacement gutters or want to add gutter-guard protection.


To prevent interior water damage and keep your home cooler, inspect your windows. Check the caulk around the window frames – if there’s a break in the seal, water has easy access. Cloudy windows, or moisture that can’t be wiped away, may be a sign of argon gas depletion. The loss will make your windows less energy efficient.


Older style three-tab shingle roofs are more prone to wind damage than their newer architectural style counterparts. Make sure to check for missing shingles and schedule an inspection with our team if there’s a doubt. Make sure to trim trees with low-hanging or dead limbs that are in close proximity to your home. Especially problematic during high winds and thunderstorms, larger branches may not only damage your roof, but can damage skylights and solar panels. Specialty roofs like cedar can benefit from a roof washing in order to prevent lichen or moss buildup. This, too, is a job for a professional.

As summer arrives, it’s crucial to prioritize summer home maintenance, particularly when it comes to gutters, windows, and roofing. Neglecting these areas can lead to costly repairs and potential damage to your home. Contact us today to set up your free estimate for any gutter, window or roofing service you need. We’re happy to help!